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Our Process

The purpose of PNW Wealth Management is to help successful professionals and affluent retirees solve the financial challenges of retirement planning.  During the pre-retirement phase, we work with clients to set clear retirement dates, target income levels, and create saving plans to work towards those objectives.  Once the client enters retirement, the financial plan goes into action.  Each plan continues to be monitored and assessed on a regular ongoing basis, with a goal of ensuring our clients a successful retirement.  At the center of our business is the process we use to develop individually customized financial plans.  

This four step process is critically important in understanding each clients specific retirement goals.

Listen - We start by listening, helping clients clearly define their most important financial goals.

Plan - Side-by-side with our client, we create a comprehensive financial plan that seeks to give the client his or her the best opportunity to pursue their most important retirement goals.

Implement - We assist clients in the implementation of financial plans by working with industry leading asset management firms, and using personalized investment strategies.

Review - Staying on track is vital to the success of the financial plan.  We review our clients financial plans on a regular and ongoing basis.  This ensures we are still tracking towards our clients most important retirement goals.

PNW Wealth Management is a trusted, independent wealth management firm with a focus on retirement planning.  We understand that our company is only successful if our clients are successful, our clients are the lifeblood of our business.  It is for this reason, we have a non-negotiable set of guiding principles - honesty, integrity and exceptional service.